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Live a fulfilling & meaningful life.

Calm Cool Collective is a Toronto-based private psychology practice dedicated to your healing and well-being. Providing you with confidential and reliable support using evidence-based psychotherapy.

Meet Adele

Founder & Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

You deserve to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. I want to help you achieve solutions and life changes you are looking for while enjoying the process as much as possible and experiencing yourself in new ways. Simply put, therapy doesn’t have to always be a painful thing. You’ll have a dedicated space to unload your worries, learn how to navigate challenges with grace, and feel empowered to develop fresh insights about your life.


Getting in touch with a therapist can be intimidating, but I hope you will take a moment (and maybe a deep breath) to reach out and see how I can help.

Life is too short to surrender to poor relationships, feel defeated, let trauma control us, or be anxious and depressed all the time. I want you to be free of emotional pain, able to deal with life on life’s terms, and to find meaning and purpose in work, school, family, relationships, and all other life areas.

Areas of Expertise



Interpersonal & Relationship Concerns

Self-Worth Issues

Stress Management


The journey towards a purposeful life means living by your values. Begin your journey today.

“I would highly recommend Calm Cool Collective Counselling Services if you are considering attending therapy. They offer validating and supportive services that are hugely impactful in improving mental health.”

- Paolo F.

“Adele is an amazing therapist. HIGHLY recommend!”

- Devin G.

“Adele is very professional, I recommend her services.”

- Axel C.


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