Meet Adele

Founder & Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

“Reaching out” is this skill we’re somehow expected to know, yet it’s never taught and rarely modelled for us. It takes exceptional courage to reach out, and I understand the vulnerability it takes when you choose to reveal significant and intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I aim to work in a collaborative manner with you to identify your goals, any roadblocks getting in the way of you attaining your happiness and providing you with the appropriate coping skills and strategies to help you get there.  


I offer therapy to adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, interpersonal and relationship concerns, stress, and self-worth issues. 


Together, we will explore your past experiences and personal needs to better understand current behaviours, emotions, and social functioning. In personal and emotional growth, our working alliance will be the foundation from which we build on, providing you with the opportunity for self-growth and safe exploration.